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Nov. 28th, 2010

[i don't get it]

They call me Gabriel.

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Dec. 5th, 2009

[i don't get it]

Saturday the 5th, December

Incase you haven't had enough of my blather, I am now offering words of sporadic and questionable wisdom at


I did whole heaps of thinking to find this perfect account name. I have faith one of you will get the reference.

Nov. 23rd, 2009

[oh shit dvr]

Monday, November 23rd, On Such A Winter's Day

It's only two days until I make the move out to California with naught to my name but a couple of suitcases and some parents who will be there to purchase me a car.

To celebrate my super busyness, stress, and need for a job, I've epically had to step back from my RPing endeavors. So to you, my meager in size but uber in awesomeness friendslist, you can always check here, check my blog at www.throwfishatbear.blogspot.com or visit my musebox at stop-the-world.insanejournal.com.

Dig it.

Jun. 10th, 2008

[freak out lolz]

Tuesday the 10th, June: Moving!

OMG. This journal has been visited by the Blue Fairy and turned into a real blog.


May. 1st, 2008

[ they're aliiiiive~! ]

Thursday the 1st, May.

So I haven't talked enough about my school lately, and because it's been taking up so much of my schedule, I felt the printshop would be a wonderful topic today. Finally time to unveil all those nasty mysteries that have my online friends chomping at the bit to set this 4th floor establishment aflame.

So there it is, folks. The printshop. This is seen from the angle that I have most recently been working. The door in is actually on the other side of that photo. The white tables are what you print on, and those yellow-ish things to the left are people's screens. They come in a variety of flavorful sizes.

This is the piece I've currently been working on. It is my final project for Intro to Print, Paper, Book. We've been allowed to make up our own assignment for this one so I decided to just have some fun and run with it.

I decided to take some of the more hilarious or iconic WWII propaganda posters and turn them into advertisements for current television shows. Considering how demanding, insulting, and promoting of violence these old posters can be, it wasn't too hard to translate that into the world of TV. Plus, ya know, something I love.

The one on the rack there is the only one I'm printing. The others are going to remain in purely hypothetical mock-up form because I barely have enough time to get through one poster with nine layers much less three or four posters with as many or more. That one's the Supernatural themed propaganda. For Supernatural, I choose the share ride poster:

Since cars are a big deal in Supernatural, they get to have the car-themed poster. As the text to keep, I chose the "when you ride alone" line.

Anyhow, if any of you are curious what I'm doing whenever I tell you that I can't type anymore, it's this. That's my screen being propped up. You stick the block of wood under there to keep it up when you're moving paper around and prop it lower than that to flood the screen. My screen has a stencil exposed out of emulsion on it that makes sure the ink only goes through in the exact shape that I want. The shiny plastic bit there is duralar, which I print on and then tape down so that I can slide my paper underneath to see where I need to put it to make sure my placement ( registering ) is good.

Then I lower the screen and use that rubber-edged squee-gee/scraper deal to push the ink through. Usually that's through the motion of dragging it across the screen towards you.

So yeah. There's your five second badly written crash course in screenprinting.

When the printing's done, I take my screen to the back where the sinks are:

You hose 'em on down in that sink there -- effectively spraying yourself in the face with dirty paint-water more times than you care to count. Further in past that curtain-like thing is the power wash. That's when you're srs business about cleaning and want to take your stencil off as well.

Next to the sinks are the drying racks and this ominous black curtain that leads to the very very back room where the lights are safe so you can carry your unexposed emulsion'd up screen around and not have to worry. There's some crazy exposing equipment back there but I'd be a terrible person to bring my camera back there and get my shiny flash all over people's racked screens. You can just wonder about that room some more.

So, with clean-up, I put all my stuff away and lay my new prints on the rack to dry until the next layer can be done.

Tada. There it is. I just printed the grey layer you saw on the duralar earlier. Pretty exciting, huh? That Impala is really starting to take shape. After, you know, two weeks of planning and half a week of printing. Whooooo. It'd better be exciting at that point.

The other two posters are currently LOST and The 4400 themed, featuring the kept lines "loose lips" and a quote from the president about preserving the future. If you know the shows, you should easily be able to figure out which goes to which.

Peace out!

Apr. 8th, 2008

[freak out lolz]

Sunday the 30th, Salute to Supernatural

Hello, gentle readers, and welcome to Chris/Miko's record of events covering the 28th-30th of March: Salute to Supernatural in LA. Expect rambling, mixing around of information thanks to an unreliable memory, and plenty of capital letters. This is by no means supposed to be official or particularly informative as it is my personal account. If you're just here for the pictures, feel free to keep scrolling. Enjoy as many pictures as you like, but please do not distribute them elsewhere nor claim them as your own. Appreciated!

( This blog contains swearing and possibly things of a sexual nature! )

Well, my alarm did its duty of going off when I set it and though I was in danger of just rolling over for another half an hour, I forced myself out of bed by sheer thoughts of how much I didn't want to be late for this. Of course, I then took an obnoxious amount of time getting myself ready and making sure I had everything...

But when I got down to the level, the line was not... okay, well, I was at the end of a long line. But soon there were people behind me and I got talking to the ones in front of me, so it didn't seem all that bad.

When we were shuffled into the room, it was much smaller still than I was expecting, so even the seat that I claimed was good and I made sure to have it so I could naturally look towards the stage rather than have where the boys would appear at my back. I didn't get at a table with anyone I particularly knew but one woman was quite good at starting up conversation so we all got going soon enough. This woman was there with her fiance ( one of the lone men in the room ) and he was an animator with the Simpsons, no less, so I struck up some good talking there, as well.

He had made some pictures last night featuring the boys and Bart and Homer, so those got shown off. Those belong to him, though, and the boys if he was allowed to present them to them, so any stealing of this picture will earn you an ass-kicking courtesy of me.

I'm not sure where this picture came from. I only stumbled upon it when uploading them later. So there you go, ladies and gentlemen: the table.

We were ushered out to eat first, having been told that the guys were in a car and on their way but might be a little late. So table by table, we were called to go grab some delicious breakfast. As soon as we stepped outside, we couldn't help but notice.. everyone else. Everyone else not with a gold ticket was hunkered down by the main hallway entrance... staring as we picked our way through a fancy buffet line. It was a little funny and a little creepy and, all in all, a little nice because I'd spent all that money so I might as well flaunt what I could.

Anyway, I barely remember all the conversation we had because it was likely a lot of talking about ourselves and me being a dumbass, so let's move on.

Every time the back door near the stage opened, you could feel everybody in the room jump, but each time it was just some official or another making some random announcement about their kid's birthday or how the silent auction was going.

But then. Here came Adam, looking triumphant. And who did he announce... but Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. And then they.... actually to God... CAME INTO THE ROOM.

The boys arriveCollapse )

Photo-opsCollapse )

Jared's panelCollapse )

Jensen's panelCollapse )

J & J panelCollapse )

Autographs: J & JCollapse )

Then there was some meager music-videos and an auction where I displayed an amazing amount of restraint by not raising my hand ever.

Even when some, four of its kind, special edition plate came around. Yup. I just watched. And sat on my hands.

I walked with Michele and Jess back to their rooms because, really, I had nowhere else to go and playing puppy was fun. We parted with Michele first and then Jess and her mom were gracious enough to let me sit in their room and then start walking with them back to the last talk. While we were on our way to the elevators again, my sister called. So I arranged a pick-up with her and said good-bye to my amazing awesome and totally self-conscious Sam, named Jess. You rock!

What I did later that day...Collapse )

Ta ta, everyone! I hope you liked the pictures, despite suffering through my random and unimportant dialogue about them. See you next time, when there hopefully is one!~
[dorking it out]

Saturday the 29th, Salute to Supernatural

Hello, gentle readers, and welcome to Chris/Miko's record of events covering the 28th-30th of March: Salute to Supernatural in LA. Expect rambling, mixing around of information thanks to an unreliable memory, and plenty of capital letters. This is by no means supposed to be official or particularly informative as it is my personal account. If you're just here for the pictures, feel free to keep scrolling. Enjoy as many pictures as you like, but please do not distribute them elsewhere nor claim them as your own. Appreciated!

( This blog contains swearing and possibly things of a sexual nature! )

Pre-panel timeCollapse )

Fredric Lane panelCollapse )

There was gonna be some free time in here because Chad was still at his photo-ops or something or another so "this is it" I told myself; if you don't see if that's Jess sitting behind you you're going to regret wasting all this time and money that you wanted to do to see her. JUST GO OVER--AHHHHH!

That, my friends, was the sound of my heart screaming when there was very suddenly someone in front of me asking if I was doing something? No, asking if I was... Miko? ... Am I Mi-- OHHHH. Miko! DUH.

Yes, yes, I was Miko. And, yes, that was Jess. YAY! The fated meeting at last! Oh... oh wait, she's leaving to go do something else? What? Sad, no? I asked if she'd be back to see Chad and she said 'yes' or something positive sounding like that so I watched her go and sort of sat in my chair, dazed, and hoping that wouldn't be it for the whole weekend. Then again, I hadn't made the best first impression by not even recognizing my internet alias on the first go.

Since there was time, though, I left the room while they had an auction or the like and called my sister. She regaled me for quite some time about her roleplay trials and tribulations and I sneakily followed a very lost-looking Fred Lane through a couple of corridors. It was just so funny to imagine a real blooded actor walking about in the same room as me. That's where I get all my giggles, folks. Seeing actors with my own two eyes and then not believing that I did.

Chad Lindberg panelCollapse )

Eric Kripke panelCollapse )

Autograph session: Eric, Chad, FredCollapse )

I waited about for Jess afterwards, since she had gone the money-saving route and had a Preferred ticket, and found out that, sometime after Michelle ( bad narration again: Michelle sat in the chair next to me and we talked quite a bit ) and I had gone through the line, the volunteer at Fred's table had put her foot down about pictures so Jess hadn't gotten one. But Fred had said to find him in the lobby afterwards so we played stalkers some more and quite literally chased him up the escalator and to the outside where he was just about to start smoking.

Jess' picture gotten, we wandered inside to chatter for a while. We were joined by two others, which soon became one other, and all I can really remember is that one of the highlights of the conversation was bothering me about how I hadn't seen the Supernatural Christmas episode yet. Still haven't! Bah!

Oh yeah, and the two girls who had joined had grilled me on Kripke's panel, which was a real exercise for my brain. Too bad I didn't give you guys as much.

I ate with Jess and her mom at Champion's around now and that was a thrill and a half. I know that I was babbling and laughing and talking about myself too much, but I was more than excited to get to really chat to Jess, my amazing and self-conscious Sam. I couldn't think of a better person to meet at a Supernatural convention than the one who wrote such cool stuff with me. <3

Though I probably looked a tad too crazy to her mom.

There was a dessert party still on my schedule but I was feeling full and especially tired, so I opted out and just passed out on my big king-sized bed instead. Tomorrow would be super important to be refreshed for.
[reality is for losers]

Friday the 28th, Salute to Supernatural

Hello, gentle readers, and welcome to Chris/Miko's record of events covering the 28th-30th of March: Salute to Supernatural in LA. Expect rambling, mixing around of information thanks to an unreliable memory, and plenty of capital letters. This is by no means supposed to be official or particularly informative as it is my personal account. If you're just here for the pictures, feel free to keep scrolling. Enjoy as many pictures as you like, but please do not distribute them elsewhere nor claim them as your own. Appreciated!

( This blog contains swearing and possibly things of a sexual nature! )

Let's begin, shall we?

The very, very first related things that happened were 1) me deciding to go, buying the tickets and 2) receiving said tickets, like, a month later but no one cares. I freaked out, I couldn't decide if I wanted to spend all this money, and then I just went for it. Then I forgot for many, many weeks and didn't even seem excited when the ticket showed up.

Likely, I was in shock.

Similarly, I wasn't all that interested while going over airport procedures, wondering how I was going to find my seat, all these things... it wasn't until ^ this picture that things seemed to really cook up. Naturally, I had left packing until the ungodly hours before I would have to be leaving so it was getting really really close to the time to go and I was feeling it. I'm always sort of paranoid that I'm going to leave something important behind but this time.... well, this was my very first time flying by myself so I was more than freaking out now. WHAT THE HELL DO YOU BRING ON A TRIP? Plus, I was stuffing everything in this little orange backpack to avoid having to check any items so I was pretty much limited to exactly what would fit into it.

As pictured above, I started piling up the meager things I would have along. In the middle of this, my precious cat Bunny leapt up and made herself comfortable on said pile. I think she wanted to go.

Sadly, she did not go.

I could go on suspensefully about how scary it was trying to get to my plane but, uh... my dad was totally with me, half of you were there with me, and I already posted the picture.

So that was me, window-seat as usual, being almost as excited about seeing mountains again as anything else. Getting to the plane was easy cause my dad walked me through it and got us into his special flyer's room where they let you have free food. Walking to my seat by myself was a little weird but I kept expecting someone I knew to be there, so I was almost calm for it. I read a little, napped a tiny bit, and basically just stared out my window.

I probably also looked like a ridiculous tourist for taking pictures out my plane window.

OMFG I'M IN AN AIRPORT I'M BY MYSELF WHERE DO I-- oh, hay, handy colored signs.

So basically I shuffled off the plane trying to look uber relaxed ( you know how, as you're getting off, everyone in the freakin' terminal stares at you? Yeah, sure, they might be waiting for someone but, wow, everyone. Staring. ) I didn't care. I was listening to OK Go's "You're So Hot" and feelin' cool. Then I went and found the purple ( or maybe it was red ) Hotel and Free Parking shuttles sign and camped out under it, determined to stay as long as needed for a Marriott bus to pull around.

Meanwhile, these guys had some lighting equipment just chilling out on the sidewalk and I was amused by it. Ohh, California.

I'm pretty sure every other hotel bus came by at least twice first, but the Marriott did appear and I was happier for it. I climbed aboard as fast as they would let me, found a seat, and then attempted to look cool again. Some more songs in the 'Y' area of my playlist were going.


WELL IT'S COMING UP. It's not like that much actually happened on Friday events-wise anyway.

First you have to see my hotel room. Because isn't it spectacular? And I'm so proud of myself for getting it. I called my parents, as I was instructed, every step of the way and after asking which counter to approach, I did. The lady couldn't seem to find my name, however, and kept asking me about a print-out or confirmation number that I didn't have so I was sweating it big time as she moved to a different computer and tried again.

Oh, she says. Oops. We had three 't's in your last name instead of two.

... Oops? Three? Whose name has three 't's in a row? Ahhh! I just had a heart-attack: you could've killed me!

Oh well. I have a room. And it is snazzy.

Err.... I'm a dork. Let's move on.

I had some time to kill, so I went and ate at the restaurant, Champion's, that they had there and about as it hit 7:30 or so I was done and could go see about preregistering. Surely, having my ticket and stuff all ready for tomorrow would put me at ease. So I get myself all ready and head below ( deep down beeelooooow ) to the Ballroom level where everything's going to be taking place.

First off, I got in the wrong line. But since everyone else in front of me was also in the wrong line, I didn't feel so bad. I noticed that, despite what the webpage had said, the photo-ops didn't appear to be sold out. I considered but made myself move on. Picking up the lanyard and such, I realized that I had left my photo-op confirmation page upstairs in my hotel room. SIGH. And I'm, of course, wearing these clunky sandals that don't let me walk very fast. After some thought, I figure it's definitely better to get it out of the way, so I go back to my room on the 7th floor and at the positive end of the corridor and then journey back down to the Ballroom level.

Some girl is waiting at the wrong end of the photo-op confirmation line and they tell her to go around to the end, so what does she do? She budges in front of me as if she can't even see I'm there. Huh. Thanks. Whatever.

I get to the front, though, and hand Chris my piece of paper. "Just Jensen," I inform him, since he's been asking people to be ready to say what they have. "Oh, a date," he replies. "Yeah, for fifteen seconds," I retort, though I can't say it wasn't cute to hear anyway. Bah, I'm just as bad as everyone I pretend to complain about. Sorry, Jensen.

Well, now it's just me until bed-time so I wander into the vendors room. It's weird how you could have no urge whatsoever to own merchandise until you're actually staring at the stuff. There's a guy with old soundtracks and posters, some lady with associated memorabilia and pictures ( some autographed already, some not ), another table with t-shirts, and two more with posters, mugs, and then official pictures for people who want them autographed later. I'm not that big of a t-shirt person, especially for those with just big faces plastered all over your chest, but I do find one with just writing that I enjoy so I go for that, the snazzy Petrelli pin above, and then I hang around trying to casually strike up conversation with anyone standing nearby. It works, actually, and I meet about three people long enough to get their names, too.

Somewhere in there, a woman also stops me to ask for an interview about why I'm here, why I like about the show, etc, etc. I do my best attempt to sound intelligent, but I'm pretty sure I just made a lot of ramblings while trying not to go "and the boys are just so hot teehee!" because that is so only the second reason! Dammit, it's brothers. The brotherly relationship. Of course, that's just as dangerous to say, considering how every meanginful relationship has been twisted into sex these days. SAD. SAD FOR HUMANITY.

Umm, yeah, that's about all you guys want to hear about that.

So I hovered around in the hallway a bit until one of the volunteers told me to just go in, already, and enjoy the concert. I hadn't been planning on attending but, well, what else did I have to do? And I had spent all that money, sooo... I went in.

This is my awesome and a half seat! By some miraculous twist of fate, I was nearly center, and had all this delicious leg-room. I'd been imagining a much bigger venue, so the smallness of the room was totally nice.

Adam, the Creation Entertainment head person and master of ceremonies, came out to welcome the small collection of people here ( there was only one other person in my row, and she was at the end furthest from me ) and introduce Jason Manns, whose baby-faced portrait was staring at us from the big-screen. During this time, I also glanced back to see what I had thought was going to be Jess and her mum's seats but they were occupied by someone and I knew Jess wasn't coming in until midnight, so I was a little put-out by my remembering the seats wrong.

Jason Manns concertCollapse )

Back in my room, I placed out my clothes for the day, set my phone alarm, and failed to fall asleep for a while.